Reduce Preventive Maintenance Time

2 Simple Ways to Reduce PM Time by 1/2

Using Roles and Permissions to Enforce Timely PM Task Closing.

#1 Automatically Issue Preventive Maintenance Task Lists

Use the Print/Email Scheduler to automatically issue exactly the right PMs at exactly the right moment to the the right maintenance tech. This completely frees up the maintenance manager from ever having to issue PMs again. Issue weekly preventive maintenance task lists to a printer or email directly to maintenance engineer.


Using the CMMS Software Print Scheduler to Automate PM Task List Issuance.

#2 Secure Your PM System So that Each Maintenance Tech Closes Their Own PMs

Use the built-in, simple to use, role-based security so that each maintenance tech only sees their own PMs. Additionally set another option so that these maintenance techs cannot back-date PMs. This enforce compliance with closing PMs when the work is actually completed.


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Reduce Preventive Maintenance Time with More Time Savers and Shortcuts

We have many other time-saving preventive maintenance management, work order, downtime and purchase order management shortcuts to show you. Upcoming videos instruct on many of this powerful money-saving capabilities. Wait for these videos to come out (weekly) or contact us for a personalized demonstration on how you can streamline and automate your CMMS management. Some for the upcoming videos educate on the following topics:

  • Work order shortcuts
  • Automatic performance reports for your Monday morning meeting.
  • Use the CMMS dashboard to highlight out-of-range downtime.
  • Downtime data entry shortcuts.
  • KPI displays on the dashboard draw attention to late PMs.
  • Build a purchase requisition in seconds.
  • Create purchase orders by drag and drop.
  • More preventive maintenance shortcuts and tips.

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