Facility Maintenance Software Utilities

Facility maintenance software utilities are extra useful components that extend this CMMS software program beyond the normal capabilities of CMMS.

Useful Facility Maintenance Software Features

There are several powerful utilities in MaintSmart facility maintenance software as part of the basic complete software package. Additionally, the list of standard components below are not found in any other CMMS as a standard feature.

  1. Maintenance scheduling software (print or email).
  2. OPC compliant connectivity to equipment.
  3. Translator.
  4. Equipment tree.
  5. Spare parts tree.
  6. Drag and drop preventive maintenance.
  7. Multi-plant (top-level of equipment hierarchy name it whatever you want: "Plant", "College", "Hospital", etc.) capability.
  8. Three (3) dimensional equipment hierarchy for unsurpassed filtering.
  9. Reliability analysis module.
  10. OEE software module (Overall Equipment Effectiveness).
  11. Drag and drop analysis report and chart builder.
  12. Extensive role-based permissions. Consequently, all personnel can access the facility maintenance software at some level.
  13. OLE automation interface to Microsoft Excel connects CMMS data directly to Excel.

To illustrate, below are details of some of these listed items. For more information on any of these or a personal online demonstration contact us.

Automatic Print and Email Scheduler

The basic facility maintenance software package includes an automatic print and email scheduler. This component uses custom user-defined reports that include floating date ranges and combine the report with a user defined schedule. The result is, reporting by printer and/or email that is automatic and perpetual. Furthermore, these print jobs only need to created once then reset their next print date and time automatically.

Best of all, the facility maintenance software program handles all the details behind the scenes so that the maintenance manager can use his valuable time on other tasks.

OPC Compliant Facility Maintenance Software

Equipment data (OPC compliant data) links from programmable logic controllers (PLC) and human-machine interfaces (HMI) on the plant floor update meters in the CMMS database automatically. Next, a work order generates automatically from a work order template one of these meters reaches a user-defined threshold . Additionally, this work order may include an attached parts list, unlimited details and unlimited file attachments. If sent to a printer the file attachments open the program associated with the file attachment. For example, if the file has a ".doc" extension then MS Word would open , issue a print command to MS Word then close the MS Word. All of this occurs without any user input or effort.

Translator Translates to Any Language

The translator module in the facility maintenance software basic package provides an intuitive interface for translating all screen text, messages and report literal text to any language. Moreover, this include double-byte character languages such as Chinese and Arabic. As such, many manufacturing, power generation and facilities worldwide use MaintSmart CMMS software. For example, forty gas-powered electrical turbine stations in Iraq use the software in the Arabic language.

Translatable Facility Maintenance Software

Add unlimited translation to our maintenance software solution. Furthermore, multiple English translations give the software user the ability to create custom text for all literal text in the program. Conversely, international users prefer translation to their native language. For example, one of our heavy international users include Iraq's Ministry of Electricity. In 2013 members of our team went to Amman, Jordan for 5 days of training for forty Iraqi electrical engineers. This was on behalf of a United States Department of Energy contract. Additionally, we have resellers in several countries outside the USA such as Russia, the Philippines and Egypt.

Facility Maintenance Software Contract with Department of Energy

Three Dimensional Equipment Hierarchy

Our three dimensional equipment hierarchy is unique in facility maintenance software applications. It is simple yet offers the flexibility of another level that can be completely unrelated to the rest of the equipment hierarchy. Additionally, name each level of the equipment hierarchy as needed by your specific maintenance management application. For example, Plant, Process, Line, Area is appropriate for an industrial plant. On the other hand for a building facility Facility, Building, Room, Floor is appropriate. Here are a few examples:

This CMMS system works for any maintenance application.

Facility Maintenance Software Excel Automation Chart
OEE Chart

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