Mobile CMMS Software

Use your iPhone or Android device to manage work orders, job lists and equipment with MaintSmart Mobile CMMS software.

Mobile CMMS software provides a way for the maintenance technician to take his CMMS into the facility. The benefits of this are:

  • New work orders, edits and closed work orders appear immediately in the master work order database.
  • Scan equipment barcode to obtain a list of work orders for that equipment.
  • Scan the equipment barcode to select equipment for a new work order.
  • Equipment is located with Google map using GPS coordinates entered into the equipment configuration screen.
  • Quick snapshot of work orders classified by Request, Active, Late, etc.)
  • Scan work order barcode to quickly locate corresponding work order.
  • Speech to text capability provides a simple way to talk instructions or comments directly into the work order.
  • Non-maintenance personnel can easily submit a work ticket.
  • Add new work orders on the fly.
  • Edit and close work orders.
  • Available for iPhone and Android.

MaintSmart Mobile CMMS software adds a new dimension and increased usability to our suite of MaintSmart products. First of all, if you are a current MaintSmart CMMS user adding the CMMS mobile app provides the primary benefit of managing work orders in the facility. This saves time and provides an accurate look at the equipment while completing the work order. Additionally, for organizations, such as municipalities, colleges or universities or any other organization that has assets spread over a wide area a mobile CMMS is essential.

Best of all, data from the mobile CMMS app instantly appears in the main MaintSmart CMMS database proving an up to the minute view of work assignments, progress and completions to managers working from either the desktop (MaintSmart Enterprise solution) or the MaintSmart Web add-on. This gives the manager immediate access to analysis and CMMS reporting providing an accurate view of current conditions and work load for the maintenance department.

Mobile CMMS Software for Android

MaintSmart Mobile CMMS software is available for most modern Android devices. MaintSmart Mobile is a native smartphone app written with the latest Xamarin technology. As such, our CMMS app is fast and intuitive while leveraging the the capabilities of the latest smartphone technology. Manage work orders, create new work orders with simple and fast barcode scanning. Best of all locate equipment using the GPS mapping locator for all configured equipment items.

iPhone CMMS (iOS)

Use your iPhone or other modern iOS device to manage work orders and equipment with MaintSmart Mobile CMMS software. Our mobile solution uses a three tier system for speed and maintainability. The middle-tier is the API that contains all the logic for the CMMS app. As such, this leads to a light-weight phone application because the "heavy-lifting" is performed on the server resulting in a very fast end-user experience.

Mobile CMMS vs. Web CMMS ~ What's the Difference?

Smartphones come with a web browser; this enables most smartphones to display web pages. Since this is the case why not simply run a web-based CMMS on your Android or iPhone? While this is definitely possible there are several problems with this approach. First of all, web pages must be sizable to fit both a small phone display and also as much larger desktop or laptop display. This is problematic and usually means the user has to scroll a lot the screen to see the various essential screen components. The MaintSmart Mobile CMMS software (smartphone application) is a native Android and iPhone application developed with the latest Microsoft Xamarin and .NET technology. As such, our mobile CMMS runs very fast and is optimized for a smartphone device.

What is Needed to Run MaintSmart Mobile?

MaintSmart Mobile CMMS links to the main MaintSmart SQL Server database through middleware (API). The API is provided upon request once you purchase at least one mobile license. Initially you need MaintSmart Enterprise to configure the needed data parts for the mobile CMMS app. For example the mobile app requires:

  • Equipment list
  • Task List
  • Personnel
  • Work order types, priorities ans statuses
  • Equipment details (lat and long) if using the mapping feature.

Request a Live (free) Demo of MaintSmart Mobile

Call +1.541.404.0616 of request below in the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Testing MaintSmart Mobile CMMS Software

We offer a test API and SQL database environment for new users. Unfortunately we do not have a trial version of the mobile app available. To test the mobile app against our test database enter the following link into your initial set-up screen on the mobile app after selecting the https: (radio button): . Login with "admin (user) and password "1111".



Login to the mobile CMMS software to see your own personalized work list.

Work orders added through the CMMS mobile application immediately appear in the desk-top and CMMS web applications.

MaintSmart CMMS Mobile uses GPS coordinates to locate your equipment with Google maps


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