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CMMS Software for Preventive Maintenance

CMMS Software for Work Orders, Preventive Maintenance, Downtime Tracking, Inventory and Purchasing Management by MaintSmart.

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Preventive Maintenance CMMS Software Comparison?

  • NEW! Web CMMS Software
  • In business 21 years.
  • Used in 41 countries.
  • Multi-site CMMS.
  • Complete preventive maintenance CMMS software system.
  • Automatic work orders by time, day, demand or event.
  • Drag and drop equipment maintenance reports.
  • Reliability analysis and overall equipment effectiveness.
  • Translates to any language.
  • Lifetime license with no reoccurring costs.
  • Free lifetime support.
preventive maintenance cmms software

What is CMMS Software?

CMMS software stands for: computerized maintenance management system. Since the founding of our company in 1997 countless CMMS companies have come and gone. At this time there are several hundred software packages available. Because of this, choosing an enterprise asset management system software (EAM)  package can be a daunting task. Our web site seeks to instruct on how, when and where it is appropriate to use a maintenance management software program and what benefits may be obtained from its use.

Our preventive maintenance CMMS software is designed, developed, supported and packaged in the United States of America. However, the software solution is used by facility managers, maintenance planners and maintenance managers to track equipment assets in nearly forty (40) other countries worldwide for the past 21 years. Furthermore, this software solution is completely translatable into any language.

The Quick Start Guide explains the basics of log in and language selection (if not using the default English). Our preventive maintenance CMMS software program is available in any language. The sample database is populated with sample equipment assets. Additionally the demo contains a blank database so that you can set up your own company assets. The download for the full demo program is completely translatable into any language and contains the following languages.

CMMS Preventive Maintenance Software - MaintSmart CMMS software includes ALL modules:

CMMS Software Feature List:

  • Work order management
  • Preventive maintenance management
  • Equipment downtime tracking and analysis
  • Purchase order management
  • Inventory management
  • Reliability analysis
  • Overall equipment effectiveness
  • CMMS dashboard
  • KPI analysis
  • Employee scheduler
  • Report scheduler
  • Custom report generator
  • Role-based user access
  • Web CMMS add on module
Complete software system with all modules: $995.00
Rated 4.8/5
based on 26 customer reviews

Windows 7 PC or Cloud with web-based work request module.

Translations for any language provided at no charge. Video: How to translate the CMMS program into any language.

  • English (default)
  • Arabic CMMS
  • Chinese
  • German CMMS
  • Spanish CMMS
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Vietnamese
  • Portuguese

What is Preventive Maintenance CMMS Software?

CMMS software (also known as a computerized maintenance management system) is used for managing equipment maintenance in any environment where equipment is used. Computerized maintenance management systems and enterprise asset management system software are synonymous terms used to described equipment asset management and maintenance programs.  Manufacturing plants, colleges, municipal utilities, hospitality industry, government, fleet maintenance and facility management systems commonly use CMMS solutions for equipment asset management and for tracking maintenance costs. As such, CMMS software provides work order management, preventive maintenance, equipment downtime tracking and, in the case of MaintSmart, inventory and purchasing management. Additionally, software modules for automatic scheduling of work by date/time, meter or event save the manager time and money.

How is Work Scheduled and Managed?

Typically when equipment needs work and repair ticket is submitted by an equipment operator at their workstation or through a web page. Next the maintenance manager looks at the repair ticket on his/her computer and elevates it to full work order status. Additionally, a technician is assigned to the work along with a task list, parts list and required due date. Finally, when the job is finished the technician or the manager closes the work order. This job is archived for future reporting.

Another way to manage work is by using the preventive maintenance module. This module offers a simple list of calendar-based PM tasks. These tasks are easily checked off when completed. The software automatically reschedules these tasks and archive the history all in on step.

Both of the above work scheduling software modules are used to issue work automatically to a printer or to email at exactly the right time. Lastly MaintSmart CMMS EAM provides an OPC data link directly to equipment. Ultimately equipment tells the software when it needs maintenance through this link. The system responds with the right work order at exactly the right moment. No other preventive maintenance CMMS software systems offer this time-saving feature.

What Real Benefits Come from Analysis and Reporting?

Reporting and analysis of maintenance data is often the "payoff" with maintenance management CMMS solutions. First of all, maintenance history gives insight into future equipment performance. Reliability analysis links with the preventive maintenance module suggesting the correct preventive task and interval. This provides an interactive predictive maintenance capability not found in most maintenance management systems. With this in mind, the ability to create accurate PM task lists with applicable intervals saves time and money immediately.

Reporting tools included in this CMMS EAM include: Crystal Reports, direct Excel export, direct web based export, OLAP reporting tools and raw data export. The OLAP reporting module uses a simple drag and drop capability. The user easily creates customized reports of any data by dropping various fields onto the report. This useful report builder generates a corresponding chart with the report automatically. Best of all the user can import the entire data set to Excel for more analysis with one button-click. It really couldn't get much simpler that that, could it? This report generator uses all data in the preventive maintenance CMMS software so create any report you need from any part of the program.

Enterprise CMMS Solution

Our enterprise solution is the complete CMMS software program with all modules included and a perpetual license. Consequently, there is no need to spend more money later when more functionality is needed. Every user receives free email support for life.

MaintSmart 5.0 Full CMMS Software for 30 day trial. Get the Quick Start Guide too.

You buy it - you own it - we support it!

Our Cloud-Based Solution

The Cloud is version is the complete enterprise CMMS software running on a hosted server. Our cloud experts relieve the user of all software installation, database management, server configuration and maintenance for one low monthly cost. In addition to saving you time and the responsibility of server management this cloud solution is triple redundant and secured with state of the art encryption. Unlimited phone support included.

Web-Based Maintenance Software

The web-based CMMS software solution offered by MaintSmart provides user access to work orders, repair tickets (work requests), equipment failure logging and inventory search. This is a very low cost optional add-on to the main enterprise system. Because of this, economic value this module is especially useful where you have many potential work requesters.

What Maintenance Software Modules are Included?

Work Order Software

Work Order Management

Automatic work orders, manual, by equipment demand or scheduled. Additionally, there a 7 ways to create work orders. From very simple to much more comprehensive. Work order templates linked to equipment create work orders automatically based upon equipment demand. No other CMMS does this.

Work Orders Explained
Preventive Maintenance Software List

Preventive Maintenance

Preventative maintenance management is important to maintain equipment life and reliability. This CMMS system provides a simple way to track and schedule preventive maintenance. Moreover, this module has a way to link maintenance tasks to reliability analysis to optimize the PM task lists then adjust maintenance task intervals based upon MTBF.

Preventive Maintenance Info
Equipment Downtime Tracking

Downtime History

Tracking down time (equipment failure analysis) is the best way to positively identify problem equipment, procedures and personnel issues quickly and efficiently. Not only is this information used to track specific problems, to also guides the maintenance manager with OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) and reliability analysis.

Downtime Benefits
Drag and Drop Purchase Order

Purchasing / Inventory

Inventory use is a big cost center for many equipment maintenance operations. As such, this software solution has a complete purchasing and inventory management module. Use this module to track spares usage, purchase requisitions, purchase approvals, purchase orders and even invoice matching. This CMMS is a complete purchasing system integrated into a maintenance software system.

Inventory Management

How is Our Preventive Maintenance CMMS Software Different?

  • Build custom reports with exclusive query builder.
  • Extensive downtime tracking software module guides your predictive maintenance program.
  • Uses military standard reliability analysis.
  • Only equipment maintenance software package that offers OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) analysis.
  • This is the only CMMS solution that provides a way for your equipment to generate work orders automatically when needed.
  • Only CMMS that provides a powerful, flexible and easy to use automatic print and email scheduler.
  • The unique three (3) dimensional equipment hierarchy is found only in this software package.
  • Translate software into any language.
  • All data exports to Excel in seconds.
  • Create a web page of any data instantly.
  • Trigger work orders automatically by schedule or equipment demand.
  • Powerful work scheduler.
  • Interactive dashboard.
  • Scalable to any size equipment maintenance operation.
  • Manage unlimited locations from one database. As a result each location is secure from others but managers may compare all locations if needed.
cmms software success
MaintSmart spelling success for maintenance managers in 40 countries for over 20 years.

How is Our Company Different?

  • We have been in business twenty years. With this in mind, you can be certain that we will be here when you need us.
  • Customize to any equipment maintenance operation.
  • Lead designer of this software a maintenance manager for 21 years.
  • Free lifetime email support.
  • On the cutting edge with annual updates. We listen to our users and act upon their requests.

Download the Free 30-Day Full MaintSmart CMMS Software Program.

This is the full CMMS with a 30-day trial period. Use it as you would if you already own it. Unlimited free training with trial download. Contact us for the installer password.

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