CMMS Support

CMMS software support is available to all MaintSmart users. Good support for CMMS software often makes the difference between quickly moving forward with a successful CMMS implementation or not. We offer flexible support options: phone, email and Skype. Best of all, we offer support to all users at some level for life.

Basic CMMS Software Support

Basic CMMS support if offered to all CMMS users for free. This support is available as follows:

  • Free email support typically answered within 48 hours.
  • This support is available for life.
  • Up to 12 free support requests annually.

Extended Support

Extended CMMS support is for users with a paid extended support contract. Contact us if you are interested in an extended CMMS support contract.

  • Email support typically answered within 12 hours or less.
  • Phone support all regions: +1-541-404-0616.
  • Skype support. Our Skype ID: 'maintsmart'.
  • Toll-free phone support in USA or Canada.
  • Free upgrades.
  • Blog

Contact Our Support Team ~ Submit a Support Ticket (free to all users)

MaintSmart support for trial users is completely free beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Free consultation regarding your equipment maintenance requirements. This is a good time to determine if MaintSmart is a good fit for your organization.
  • Data import of existing equipment maintenance records, equipment lists and inventory saves much time when starting out with a new CMMS solution. In addition, we'll look at your data import requirements and provide a quote at no cost. Best of all, in many cases data import is free for new users. Lastly, request an equipment and inventory import template from us at no cost or obligation.
  • Determination of the best equipment hierarchy model for your organization is a great place to start when considering a CMMS solution. Our hierarchy is completely flexible to fit any equipment maintenance situation. This is why MaintSmart CMMS is used worldwide in manufacturing maintenance, food-processing maintenance software applications, colleges and schools, facility maintenance management applications, government and municipality maintenance and virtually anywhere equipment is maintained.
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