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CMMS software support is available to all MaintSmart users. CMMS software support often makes the difference between quickly moving forward with a successful CMMS implementation or not. We offer support to all users at some level for life.

Basic CMMS Software Support

Basic CMMS software support if offered to all CMMS users for free. This support is available as follows:

  • Free email support typically answered within 48 hours.
  • This support is available for life.
  • Up to 12 free support requests annually.

Extended CMMS Software Support

Extended CMMS support is for users with a paid extended support contract. Contact us if you are interested in an extended CMMS support contract.

  • Email support typically answered within 12 hours or less.
  • Phone support USA/Canada: +1-888-398-0450 (toll-free).
  • Phone support all regions: +1-541-751-0450 (toll-free).
  • Skype support. Our Skype ID: 'maintsmart'.
  • Toll-free phone support in USA or Canada.
  • Free upgrades.

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Why Equipment Failure Tracking Software?

MaintSmart is the only CMMS that has a built in down time software module. All other CMMS use a work order to log down time. The problem with this is that an equipment failure is not work. An equipment failure is an event . Equipment failure data yields powerful decision-making reports and charts with downtime SQL query, OEE and reliability analysis. Equipment breakdowns cost valuable production time and often result in lost product.

Down Time Software Data Points

Down time software data points are all data associated with the equipment (location, department, line, etc.) as well as mechanic shift, operator shift, down time type. The down time cause is user-defined and unlimited. Equipment failure tracking measurements are in minutes as follows:

  • Time down.
  • Time to repair.
  • Impact (opportunity cost).

Downtime Software Reporting

The down time software module provides extensive analysis and reporting. All down time data may be immediately exported to Excel for further analysis too. The downtime software functions include SQL grouped category analysis, crosstab analysis, top worst/best analysis, AMSAA reliability analysis (military standard) and OEE (overall equipment effectiveness). Additionally drag and drop query-builder build downtime data cubes with charts effortlessly.

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