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Work Order Software for Maintenance Management

Work order software is the heart of any equipment maintenance management operation...

Benefits of Work Order Software

Work order software should be flexible enough to fit any equipment maintenance operation. Work orders may be created by several different methods with this CMMS software. Several of these methods are automatic or semi-automatic. Linking work order templates (boiler-plate copies of existing work orders) metered work orders are created automatically. By linking meters to work orders the equipment tells the software when it needs work. Alternatively you may link work orders to automatically create themselves based upon a schedule. Like metered work orders scheduled work orders continue to create themselves without additional user input. Imagine work orders still being issued in a timely and consistent manner even in if you are on vacation.

An optional web enabled work request module .is available for equipment maintenance operations where you do not need the full software package on every terminal. Work order analysis provides work order cost, labor, parts and overall effectiveness of your maintenance program.

Work Order Software Report Formats

Six different work order formats are available and detailed instructions (up to 2 GB) may be attached to each work order. Analyze work orders with one of 15 different methods then email, save, or post the report to your company intranet as a web page. You may define Type, Status and Priority fields for work orders.

Automatic Scheduled Work Order

Work orders are created by the print/email scheduler automatically. These automatic work orders are generated from a boiler-plate copy of an existing work order that has been saved as a work order template. Examples could be: Create a work order to service air compressor every 3rd Monday of the month. Another example night be email a new work order for boiler service to contractor on the 10th of every month.

Automatic Metered Work Order

Work orders may be created automatically by equipment demand. Manually entered meter values (example: 1000 hours) trigger work orders when a user-defined threshold is reached. If you have an OPC compliant data network such as RsLinx or Wonderware meters may be updated directly into the software from the equipment with no user interaction.

Methods for Creating Work Orders

  1. Directly from the work order software screen.
  2. Duplicate an existing work order from the work order screen. Learn how...
  3. Use the work order software to automatically create a work order from a work order template based upon a schedule.
  4. Automatically create a work order from a work order template based upon a meter. Learn how...
  5. Create a work order from the equipment tree.
  6. Create a work order from embedded preventive maintenance tasks with the PM software module.

Learn the various work order options available with MaintSmart CMMS software.

Linking Parts to Work Orders

Parts may be linked to work orders and preventive maintenance tasks for automatic usage of the part(s). In the case of work orders a work order template (boiler-plate copy of a work order used to create identical new work orders when triggered by schedule or event) the parts will be removed from stock when the new work order is created. In the case of preventative maintenance tasks the parts are reduced from inventory when the PM is closed.

Of course parts may be freely used without this automatic linking function. The parts usage screen is directly available from the work order, down time and preventive maintenance screen. When a part is used the maintenance management software system logs who used it, why it was used (work order, PM, etc.), when it was used, the account, cost center, equipment item and more. All of this data is available for analysis and reporting later too.

Any part used (either manually or automatically) may be returned to stock with almost no effort. Parts usage is a permission given to user groups this gives the maintenance manager full control over who can use parts.

Work Order Software Spare Parts Linking
Work Order With Spares List

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