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PM Software (preventive maintenance software)

PM software for preventive maintenance of equipment. Preventive maintenance software extends equipment life and offers greater reliability leading to optimized production.

PM Maintenance Software vs. Work Order Software

PM software uses a calendar-based PM system for managing preventive maintenance tasks. This is a special dedicated PM software component not offered by any other maintenance management software vendor. All other CMMS software systems use work orders to manage all work including preventive maintenance work. MaintSmart has added this extra PM software module that may be used in addition to the work order system for preventive maintenance.

Using the calendar-based PM module has several benefits. PMs are created one time. Thereafter they when the PMs are closed they are automatically regenerated for the next assignment period. Many PMs may be closed simultaneously using default completion dates and averaged historical completion labor hours. Of course PMs may also be closed manually too for better accuracy. There are multiple PM list formats ranging for very simple checklists to very detailed lists including parts lists. The PM software component fills a gap in CMMS software providing a simple list based preventive maintenance management system that is easy to create, manage and assign. A typical 200 equipment item maintenance operation can easily create a complete PM system in approximately 20 hours. This only needs to be done one time since PMs automatically regenerate when closed.

PM Maintenance Software PM Task List
PM Software Module
Preventive Maintenance Checklist Format

PM Module for Preventive Maintenance?

Should the work order module or the PM module be used for managing preventive maintenance? In most maintenance operations both modules are used. For simple PM tasks that are performed periodically on a regular basis the PM module is best because of the following reasons:

  • Easy to filter and print precisely the PM list needed.
  • Simple to close many PM tasks at one time.
  • List format is easy to follow and manage.
  • PM tasks lists only need to be created once.
  • Easily scheduled through the print/email scheduler.
  • Multiple formats to choose from: simple, ist, detailed list or details with parts.

Work Order Module for Preventive Maintenance?

The work order module is also well-suited for managing preventive maintenance. Work order templates (used to create new identical work orders from) may be used to create new work orders triggered by calendar-based schedules, day of week/time, calendar day/time or by meters. Meters are a user-defined unit of anything the maintenance manager needs for triggering work orders. Examples could be: every 200 cuts, every 5000 cycles, every 300 hours or 30 days, etc. Up to six (6) meter unit may be used simultaneously to trigger the same work with the first meter reaching its threshold being the actual trigger.


The otehr benefit of using work order templates for managing PMs is that work order templates may be much more detailed with file attachments and many more fields if needed to fully describe the job.


PM Module Integrates with Work Order Module

Both the work order and the PM software modules can be integrated to work together in managing preventive maintenance. This is done by selecting PMs from the PM modules data grid then embedding these PMs into a work order. When the linked work order is closed, all of the embedded PMs are also closed all at once.

Pm Software Linked to a Work Order
PMs Embedded into a Work Order

Linking Parts to Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance tasks may have unlimited parts linked to them. Parts lists may either simply be listed on the PM task list or may be listed and automatically drawn from stock when the PM tasks are closed. Parts that are used automatically may always be unused or edited for quantity. Inventory data is automatically reduced when parts are used. These parts are referenced to why, where and who used the parts. All this information is presented in filtered report as needed.

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