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Purchase Order Software - EAM Software

A important part of EAM (enterprise asset management) software is the purchase order software module.

How Can Purchasing Software Save Time and Money?

The MaintSmart purchase order software module is a full featured purchasing system. This system compares with EAM software costing many times the amount of this software product. This is a role-based purchase order software system that enabled most users in any maintenance operation access to the system at some level. Roles many be given singularly or in combination with other roles. In some maintenance operations all roles are given to one purchasing agent who manages the entire purchasing process. Other organizations prefer a more secure and accountable system roles are divided between different users The available roles are as follows:

  1. RFQ (request for quote)
  2. Purchase requisition.
  3. Purchase requisition item approval (various levels).
  4. Buyer (can release a purchase order).
  5. Receiver of purchased items.
  6. User of purchased items.

Creating Purchase Requisitions

There are four different ways to create purchase requisitions.

  1. Create a purchase requisition from the main purchase requisition screen.
  2. Create a purchase requisition from the dashboard. This option automatically creates a requisition based upon minimum stock, reorder levels.
  3. Convert an RFQ into a purchase requisition.
  4. Create a purchase requisition from the inventory tree view.

Requisition Line Item Approval Process

Requisition line item approval uses role-based permissions. There are six (6) levels. Each of these levels has a cost limit and a required electronic signature count. With this role-based structure the typical set-up is for lower cost items to require one signature and as the cost limit increases multiple signatures are needed. Once all items are approved/or cancelled the entire requisition is release to the buyer for a purchase order number. This entire approval may be bypassed by simply giving the buyer all permissions to complete the purchase. This is a truly flexible system for any size maintenance operation.

Purchasing and Receiving Inventory

The MaintSmart EAM software purchasing module is a complete purchasing, receiving and stocking system.Purchases may be received as follows:

  1. All items on a purchase order may be received at one time.
  2. Each item may be received in full.
  3. Part of each item may be received (back-order situation).

As expected as parts are received the inventory database is incremented accordingly. Returning parts is as simple as receiving them. Simply un-receive the item(s) and inventory is decremented automatically.

Benefits of EAM Software Purchasing Component

  1. Integrating a purchasing component into your EAM software creates a package where all EAM and CMMS data may be accessed from the same software system.
  2. Since most spares are ordered by maintenance personnel it makes sense to be accessing purchase requisitions through the EAM software.
  3. Reporting for budgets, equipment expenditures, vendors, receivables and are easily managed. Hint: the print scheduler can even report automatically without any user action.
  4. This EAM software has a user permission structure that enables all users some level of access to the purchase order software. Whether it be for RFQ/RFP, purchase requisitions, approvals, buyer permissions or simply the ability to use spares.

Purchasing Component Reporting and Analysis

Reporting CMMS data is essential for managing a maintenance operation and determining trends within the maintenance organization. Many reports are available from the EAM software (CMMS software) purchasing component. Additionally all data entered into the database is available to the query-builder. The query-builder is so simple to use a child could learn it in minutes. It uses basic drag and drop functionality to build simple to sophisticated data views and data cube (3-dimensional data sets). While the data is added a chart is dynamically created too. This is tremendously powerful feature found only in this CMMS solution.

EAM Software Purchase Requisition
Purchase Order Software Query-Builder Created Chart

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