Multi-Site CMMS Software

Manage, analyze, report on multiple sites. Generate comparison reports. Search spares stock of remote sites.

Multi-Site CMMS Software

Multi-site CMMS software optionally provides a view that combines all locations (sites). This is important when evaluating performance of the company as a whole and for location comparison. MaintSmart offer a simple way to view all locations whether these locations are called plants, schools, buildings, terminals or any other designation. The labels of these locations are user-defined and may be anything that is appropriate to the maintenance operation where the software is used.

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Software Security for Multiple Sites

This system uses role-based user logins. Each user is assigned a default location. Additionally users may be given permission to access locations other than their default location. Generally, this permission is reserved for more advanced users, managers or executives that need to run company-wide reports and comparisons. When a user logs into the software the system determines if the user has the permission to view and or work in other locations within the software. Downtime tracking is a preferred metric in a multiple site performance comparison. Understanding equipment downtime data between one or more locations enables the maintenance manager to quickly implement optimized preventive maintenance list. This is especially true if one location is performing much better than another. Additionally by using the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) tools in the software fine-tuning remedial tasks is simplified. For example, by using OEE its becomes clear if downtime is related to maintenance or is instead an manufacturing deficiency. Similarly, the reliability analysis CMMS module provides powerful data analysis regarding how often an equipment item fails and why. Again, this leads the manager to focus on preventive tasks related to the failure caused highlighted with the reliability analysis function.

These permissions could apply to all software modules or only selected modules. For example, a particular user may have permission to approve work orders for multiple locations but denied permission to use spares from any but his default location.

Managing Multiple Sites and Multiple Languages

Implications of using multi-site CMMS software include the ability to assign a default language to a particular location. Consider the case where an industrial plant has a location in Mexico and another in the United States. In this case, it is best that the language for the Mexico plant be set to Spanish and the USA plant to English. Our multi-site CMMS accomplishes this with ease. Options for translations included assigning a language based upon location, user and more. Additionally language selection or assignment also sets the date, currency and decimal formats to the correct country too. Translations are completely editable by the end user so that they may be customized to the exact text appropriate for that application, language and locale. Try our multi-lingual CMMS software trial version. This version contains 10 popular language translations.

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Multi-Site and Multi-Language

Other Multi-Site CMMS Software Benefits

Other implications of the multi-site CMMS include the ability to search for, request and move spares from one site to another. Have you ever experienced a situation where back-ordered spares are needed immediately? With this multi-site CMMS software, critical spares are simple to locate within the system even if stored at a remote site.

Some basic data items are consider global. Global data items are available to all users regardless of their logged in location. Task descriptions and failure cause descriptions are examples of global data items. By making these data items global, the user only needs to add them to the system one time for all locations. Additionally since these data items (failure cause descriptions for example) are common throughout the system a manager is able to compare downtime between sites easily and consistently.

This system is extremely fast even with very large databases. One of our users manages 21 large food-processing plants with one multi-site server hosted MaintSmart application. Several of these plants issue and close over 14,000 PMs a month each with lightening speed and precision.Another application would be for fire department CMMS software implementation at multiple fire stations managed by the same municipality or fire district.

In short, this CMMS solution provides flexibility, blazing speed, powerful analysis while providing exactly the right language format for any CMMS user in the entire world.

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