Equipment Maintenance Program

Partial user list of equipment maintenance program (CMMS) users from nearly 40 countries worldwide.

MaintSmart equipment maintenance program (CMMS) version 3.0 was the first release of a completely translatable (multilingual CMMS software) equipment maintenance program in existence. This was back in the year 2001. Since that time our international equipment maintenance software user base has exploded. The default language is still English, however the program is translatable by the end-user. This has gotten much easier with the advent of Google Translate.

The majority of our users are still in the United States with Canada being the second largest user base. Industries include: manufacturing, food-processing, bakery maintenance, beverage, facility maintenance, hospitals maintenance operations, power generation, municipality, government, military, hospitality, mining, textiles, technology, solid waste and many more.

Partial CMMS User List

AB Tube Processing Inc.
Aceros Alfa S.A.
ACS Internacional
Al-Zamil Co. Inc.
Amersham Bio Sciences
Amick Farms
Andres Wines Ltd.
APC Corporation
Applied Materials, Inc.
Avistar Inc
Bayloff Die & Machine Co.
Boston Scientific Precision Vascular
Bradbury Technology
Bredero Shaw Australia Pty Ltd.
DS Textile Mills
Buse Timber and Sales Inc.
Bush Bros. & Company (TN)
Bush Bros. & Company (WI)
Cam Tran
Cam Tran Pacific Ltd
Cardinal Health
Carolina Cotton Work Inc.
Cedar Sinai Hospital
Century Elson Limited
Champion Feed Services Ltd.
Chiron America
Cinch Connectors, Inc.
City of Delray Beach (Building
Maintenance Division)
City of Delray Beach (Utilities
Cocoa Beach Motel
Columbus Salame Company
General Electric Lighting
Concrete Stone and Tile
Continental Cable Company
Coroplast Inc.
David Sherman, Corporation
De United Food Industries Ltd.
Deerfield Specialty Papers
Digital Angel Corp.
Domino Sugar/ American Sugar
Eagle Precision Tech. Inc
Excelda Manufacturing
Express Reinforcements LTD
Ferriot Inc.
Ohio State University Medical Center
Farm Fresh Poultry
Fushe-Kruje Cement Factory Sh.
FMC Technologies
Franklin Bronze and Alloy Co. Inc.
G & H Diversified Manufacturing LP
G.A. Food Service, Inc.
Garden State Freezers, Inc.
Georgia College & State University
Giddens Industries
Gilster-Mary Lee
Gleanings For The Hungry
Goldco Inc.
Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery Inc.
Hannibal Industries, Inc.
Hill Crest Hospital
Hitol Ltd.
Huntington Steel
Insys Solutions Sdn Bhd
Villa de Matel Center
James River Correctional Center
Kaiser Permanente
LB Manufacturing, LLC.
Len Busch Roses
Lesotho Milling Company
Little Lady Foods
Loxon Philippines, Inc.
Mac Papers Envelope Converters

More Software Users (partial list)

Mack Molding
MBA Poultry
Medical Action
Metech International Inc.
Michels Furniture Company
Mother's Enterprises Ltd.
Mr. Binman Ltd.
Ondeo Nalco
Sizuca Steel
National Hanger Company, Inc.
Naval Oceanographic Office (Navy)
Niguel Shores Community Assn.
Norcom-Griffin Plant
Norcom-Norcross Plant
Norton Proppants
Oldcastle Easton
Ondeo Nalco
Organic Milling Corp.
Oskaloosa Food Products Corp.
Ozarks Technical Community
Par-Pak Ltd.
PBF Pita Bread Factory
Pioneer Plastics
Plasma Coatings, Inc
Plastechnic Marketing PTE Ltd.
Prime PVC
Professional International (Kuwait)
Ramkota Hotel
Randall Metals Corp.
Rea Magnet Wire
Rizo Lopez Foods, Inc.
Rockbestos Surprenant Cable Corp.
Logansport Electrical Utility
Roman SA
Ropak Can-Am
Rotellas Italian Bakery
Royal Ridge Fruit
S & S Industries Inc
Saint Gobain Proppants
Samuel Strapping Systems
Sara Lee Bakery
Scottish Power Generation Ltd - Wind Farm Operations Group
Senior Aerospace, Inc.
Smith Pipe and Steel
Smithsonian Institution
Snack Alliance, Inc.
Softlite Windows
Sojourner Center
Rosenboom Machine and Tool, Inc.
Sundance Products Inc.
Sweet Briar College
Systems Electro-Coating
Tectron Tube Corporation
The Boulevard Inn
The Dexter Company
The Toro Company
Torca Great Britain Ltd.
Total Systems Design, Inc.
Tufco, LP
Tuttnauer USA Co. Ltd.
UFR Urban Forest Recyclers, Inc.
Uniflex Holdings, Inc.
Universal Manufacturing
University of Michigan, Flint
West Point Military Academy
Vestal Manufacturing Co.
W D Chips, LLC
Waymouth Farms Inc.
York International, Corp.

Translates to Any Language

Our equipment maintenance software is translatable from the default English into the following languages (requires translation from English to desired language using MaintSmart's exclusive translator interface:

  • Spanish CMMS Software
  • French CMMS Software
  • Russian CMMS Software
  • Arabic CMMS Software
  • German CMMS Software
  • Turkish CMMS Software
  • Polish CMMS Software
  • Dutch CMMS Software
  • Ukrainian CMMS Software
  • Filipino CMMS Software
  • Albanian CMMS Software
  • Czech CMMS Software
  • Korean CMMS Software
  • Indonesian CMMS Software
  • Chinese CMMS Software
  • Japanese CMMS Software
  • Italian CMMS Software
  • Portuguese CMMS Software
  • Punjabi CMMS Software
  • Bengali CMMS Software
  • Hindi CMMS Software
  • Norwegian CMMS Software
  • Irish CMMS Software
  • Malay CMMS Software
  • Thai CMMS Software
  • Romanian CMMS Software
  • Chinese (Mandarin) CMMS software
  • Arabic CMMS software
  • Bengali CMMS software
  • Hindi CMMS software
  • Japanese CMMS software
  • Javanese CMMS software
  • Korean CMMS software
  • Turkish CMMS software
  • Vietnamese CMMS software
  • Polish CMMS software
  • Ukrainian CMMS software
  • Romanian CMMS software
  • Translate MaintSmart equipment maintenance software into any language
Equipment Maintenance Program Russian
Equipment Maintenance Software Chinese

Full Featured Equipment Maintenance Program

Work Orders

MaintSmart comes as a complete equipment maintenance program with all modules. The work order module enables users to create simple work orders with only two (2) required fields. If a more comprehensive work order is needed there are many additional fields such as priority, type, status, date assigned, due date, date completed, estimated time, actual labor time and more. Extensive detailed instructions and unlimited file attachments may be linked to each work order. Work orders may be generated automatically with parts lists based upon schedules of meters. More on work order software module...

Preventive Maintenance

MaintSmart has an exclusive calendar-based preventive maintenance system. Unlike work orders with the preventive maintenance module the PM task lists are created once then automatically regenerated when closed to a new PM. The closed preventive maintenance task, along with labor hours, parts, closed date, etc. are archived into PM history for later analysis and reporting as needed. Preventive maintenance may also be accomplished in the work order screen using work order templates triggered by schedules or meters. More on preventive maintenance software module...

Equipment Failure Tracking

Equipment failure tracking software (down time software) is usually not a part of a CMMS software. MaintSmart equipment maintenance software has an extensive equipment failure analysis module, overall equipment effectiveness and reliability analysis modules included in the base software package. No other equipment maintenance program does this, at any price. Learn more about the downtime tracking software module...

Inventory Management Software

There is a complete inventory management system in this maintenance software solution. This includes a comprehensive auditing component, parts linking, eight (8) open user-defined field and many reports. Parts-linking has the capacity to automatically use parts and link them to PM, work orders and equipment. More on inventory management module...

Purchase Orders and Purchasing Management

Purchasing is an important part of a equipment maintenance program. This software uses role-based permissions for purchasing that make it possible for all personnel in the organization to access and use the purchasing module at some level. Request for quote, purchase requisition, purchase approval, buyer, receiver and parts usage are all permissions that may be given by themselves or in any combination. Explore the purchase order software module...

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