Spanish CMMS Software


Completely translatable maintenance management software. Translated to any language...widely used in Mexico.

Our Spanish CMMS software system is currently in use in 40 countries around the world. The reason for this is that the software is completely translatable into any language. Spanish is widely spoken throughout Central and South America. Our neighbors to the south choose our software because it enables them create their own custom text. Unlike other solutions where your are stuck with the translation provided by the vendor, with MaintSmart you have complete control over how the text is translated.

All text in the program is translated. This includes all:

  • Screen objects (any visual items on every screen)
  • Message text
  • Report text

We offer a machine translation with the software if needed. Though these are rarely accurate this type of translation may provide a head start of the final translation. Below are a couple of screen shots. Originally entered in English, the literal screen text is displayed in Spanish (Texto de pantalla literal en español. Los datos se introdujeron en inglés).

Spanish Translated Inventory Management Software
Spanish CMMS Software Reporting

How to Log In to the Spanish Version of the CMMS Software

  1. Start the program from the program desktop icon.
  2. When the login screen appears choose the language: "Spanish <country>"
  3. For demo users click the red Administrator bypass login button.
  4. Click one of the navigation icons at the top of the screen to start using the system.
  5. If you would like to customize your Spanish translation then proceed to the Program Configuration screen to access the translator module.
Spanish Maintenance Management Software Translated Messages

Using the Spanish Translator to Create a Custom Translation

The translator software module included in the software provides a way to quickly translate the default English text to Spanish (or any other language). Essentially you begin with a machine-translated Spanish language database and adjust the translations. The nice thing about our translator is that you have the choice of updating all identical text in the entire CMMS program Spanish-language database all at once or you can customize individual text labels and menus as you see fit. This result is a very accurate Spanish CMMS software solution.