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Maintenance Inventory Software

Using equipment maintenance inventory software to manage spares and  track spares usage has decreased our spares on hand without causing equipment down time ~ Uniflex

Maintenance inventory software has several benefits associated with it. MaintSmart CMMS software has a complete inventory management and purchasing component. Benefits of the inventory management module include the following:

  1. Built in physical inventory variance audit capability.
  2. Cycle-count audit and ABC analysis (version 5.0 coming 2016).
  3. Powerful and fast parts search.
  4. Minimum and maximum stock reports and alerts.
  5. Inter-plant transfer request and approval system.
  6. Equipment linked parts list and passive equipment link association.
  7. Many reports for stock levels, audit, over/under stock.
  8. Barcode label system.
  9. Eight (8) open fields offer flexibility to adapt to your maintenance inventory software system.

Maintenance Inventory Software Components

Tracking Maintenance Inventory

Although spare are ordered through the purchasing module the maintenance inventory software module has 26 different reports for stock value, location and counts. Additionally the inventory module highlights items that are under stock. Searching for parts is very fast and utilizes three different search methods. Each column is searchable by type-search creating a flexible search capability as well.

Maintenance Inventory Reporting

All inventory data may be exported to Excel with two button clicks. All inventory data may also be exported directly to a new web page. No other maintenance inventory software has this ability. Location reports give the maintenance manager or parts room clerk immediate access to needed parts by grouping spare parts by each bin location or other designated location. There are several inventory audit reports with barcodes placed on the report itself or on barcode labels.

Tracking Inventory Usage

Parts used for work orders, preventative maintenance, down time or simply used on an equipment are logged into the maintenance inventory software database. Later reports are generated that specify exactly how much labor time and/or spares are used to maintain and repair this equipment. Using a spare automatically decrements the inventory database. Parts may be returned or "un-used" and this automatically increments the parts database as expected.

Inventory Audit

Use either the built in physical inventory audit feature or the new cycle-count audit feature and ABC analysis coming in early 2016.

Maintenance Inventory Software Audit Report
Inventory Spares Used Report

Spare Parts Usage Tracked by Who, Why and Where

Several spares usage reports inform the maintenance manager where, why and by whom parts are used. This information is also displayed in roll-up reports of overall equipment costs.

Spare Parts Usage Tracking

MaintSmart CMMS software provides for spare parts linking to work orders, equipment failures, preventive maintenance and more. Parts usage linking can be automatic or manually linked. Use parts and the software automatically reduces inventory for you while linking the parts to the equipment item. Return parts (after use) by simply deleting the "parts usage" record or reducing the quantity used. In this situation the software automatically adjusts your stock levels in the inventory database. Parts that are linked to a preventative maintenance task but not set to automatically use are simply listed on the preventative maintenance task list. There is no reason to ever manually adjust the raw inventory database except in the case where a physical inventory audit is being performed.

Several reports are available that provide to entire cost of owning equipment including parts used for equipment maintenance operations. Another useful feature related to this is the ability to see what parts were used in the past for a particular repair so that these same parts may be quickly identified and used when needed.

How to Search for Spares

In many cases there may be 1000's or 10's of 1000's of spare parts in an inventory database. It is critically important that parts may be located quickly and efficiently when needed. There are several methods available for searching for spares in MaintSmart. The videos above describe a couple of the methods. Below is a sumary of each of these inventory search methods:

  1. Type search the grid column header.
  2. Use the part search screen.
  3. Use the part group filter drop-down box.
  4. Use the part grid column filter capability.

Contact us for a personalized demonstration of each of the above methods or anything else you are interested in learning more about.

Maintenance Inventory Tree View
Maintenance Inventory Software Spares Usage
Maintenance Inventory Software Over Stock Report

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