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PM Maintenance Software Features Overview

PM maintenance software does much more than simply manage preventive maintenance. Other roles  of PM maintenance software are: work orders, equipment failure tracking, inventory management and purchase order management. Analysis and reporting capabilities separate MaintSmart from any other CMMS available at any price.

PM Maintenance Software Basics

PM maintenance software packages generally are sold in pieces. A base module that contains the most basic requirement for any PM maintenance software are included in the base module. Usually this includes work orders and possibly a very limited inventory capability. When more capability is required the PM maintenance vendor is happy to receive more money for this added functionality.

Our PM maintenance software is different from all of our competitors because the maintenance manager receives all possible modules and functionality for the cost of our competitors base module.

Expected Capability Usually in All CMMS Packages

Nearly all CMMS software packages contain the following capability in their base module.

  • Equipment database (limited on how many).
  • Work orders (for all work, PM, failures, project and planned work).
  • Personnel management.
  • Inventory management (limits on spares count).
  • Basic reporting.

Most PM maintenance software systems will offer extra modules that may be purchased or subscribed to for an additional cost to the maintenance manager. These extra module can easily end up costing much more than the base module. No other PM maintenance software package has a dedicated calendar-based PM system.

PM Maintenance Software PM Task List

PM Maintenance Software PM Task List

All the above is included in this CMMS software package.

Capability Found in Some CMMS Software

The below list of feature items may be found is some of the more expensive CMMS software packages' base module. Some of the below could be purchased separately as a add-on module for additional cost.

  • Role-based permissions.
  • Web-based CMMS software module for entering repair tickets.
  • Inventory and spares usage management.
  • Purchasing and purchase order management system
  • Work scheduler.
  • Flexible reporting (MS Excel, Acrobat, MS Word and more).
  • Dashboard of important data items or KPIs.

For a brief overview of the software capabilities see the asset management management system's capability statement.

pm maintenance software

Purchase Order

pm maintenance software cost report

Equipment Cost Report

All the above is included in this CMMS software package.

Capability Found Only in this PM Maintenance Software

One of the key differences with MaintSmart is that it has a dedicated equipment failure tracking system. This makes it possible to use OEE and reliability analysis solutions to improve your maintenance operation. This CMMS contains all of the features under the previous two (2) headings and the listing below.

  • Dedicated equipment failure tracking software and analysis module.
  • Reliability analysis module.
  • OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) module.
  • Query builder to create custom reports with charts of all data in the CMMS.
  • Powerful print/email scheduler uses custom filters to create floating date-range reports automatically.
  • Dedicated PM maintenance software module for tracking calendar-based PMs.
  • Three-dimensional equipment hierarchy offer unlimited filtering capabilities.
  • Flexible role-based purchasing management system rivals systems costing many times as much.
  • Work orders automatically created equipment demand through OPC interface to equipment PLC and/or HMI.
  • Drag and drop equipment tree, inventory tree.
  • Multiple fast search methods make finding equipment or spares simple.
  • ...and there is much more. Call or email for a free personal demo of the software.

All the above is included ONLY in this CMMS software package.

Benefits of Equipment Failure Tracking and Analysis

  1. Knowing which equipment items are costing your company the most money, not just in repair labor and parts but also in lost manufacturing time and product.
  2. The reliability analysis module yields useful MTBF (mean time between failure) and failure rate KPIs. Failure Rate: how often and what percentage (%) chance of failure is there over a specified time period.
  3. Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) is yet another powerful KPI found only in MaintSmart CMMS software. OEE: Performance * Availability * Quality.
  4. Do you want to find and correct problems (not just equipment problems) quickly and save time and money? No other PM maintenance software guides the maintenance manager to resolving equipment failure issues like this CMMS.

Linking Parts to a Work Order Template

Parts may be linked to work orders, preventive maintenance, equipment failures or simply an equipment item. When a work order is automatically created from a work order template a parts list is also generated automatically for the new work order. This parts list is drawn from stock immediately thereby reserving these parts against this new work order. Work order templates may be generated manually, by a schedule or by a meter. A meter is a unit of some measure defined by the user. For example every 1000 hours do something. The CMMS software can read the meter data directly from the equipment. In this configuration the equipment is telling the maintenance department when it needs work and issues a work order for this work. This capability is only available with MaintSmart and is included in the base CMMS software system at no extra cost.

Downtime Software Excel Chart
cmms charting and reporting solution
CMMS Software With OEE
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