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CMMS Training and CMMS Education Videos

CMMS training is important especially with a full-featured CMMS software product. CMMS education resources include videos, documents, online personalized training, offsite and onsite CMMS training.


In order to realize a good ROI on your maintenance management software investment CMMS training is essential. We offer multiple formats and  levels of CMMS education. Below is a small sample of some suggested two (2) hour training sessions. These are not canned courses but are personalized CMMS education targeted to the students' particular request. Contact us for a full listing of our training agenda.

Free CMMS Training

Free CMMS education is great for maintaining your skills and staying current with the CMMS software. New videos and documents are available on a regular basis. Try our the free online training site: CMMS University. Below are free CMMS training videos and several documents that may be useful in you understanding of the software.

Online CMMS Education

Online CMMS training is our default CMMS education method. This is always personalized to what your organizations needs. Our chief trainer is a retired maintenance manager who is an expert with CMMS. These online training sessions are typically 1-2 hours in length and may accomodate up to 25 students per session. We'll even use your data or help you set up you company then provide the data for you to go live with.

Onsite or Offsite CMMS Education

Onsite training is gradually being replaced by online training, however it is still available. The costs are much higher than online because of travel expenses. Also online training may be cancelled at the last minute without penalty. Our onsite training has taken us all over the world. We also have resellers in several countries that train for MaintSmart. Offsite is training at our facility in North Bend, Oregon, U.S.A.

Free CMMS Training

Below are a few CMMS training videos that cover a wide range of topics.  For additional videos and our training blog see our main software training page. The blog is updated weekly with at least one new topic.

Two (2) Common CMMS Training Questions Answered

1.) How should our maintenance management operation set-up the equipment hierarchy?

The equipment hierarchy was designed to fit any equipment maintenance system. The equipment hierarchy is really nothing more than a way to group your equipment. What makes this equipment hierarchy different from all other CMMS software is that it is a three-dimensional hierarchy rather than a simple linear hierarchy. This grouping normally matches the company geographical location(s) and possibly functional location(s). Hierarchy levels are user-defined and should match your layout of equipment. These levels (groupings) are used for filtering and analyzing your equipment.

Below is an example of a manufacturing maintenance operation where the top-level of the hierarchy is named "Plant". Note: there may be up to 900 top-levels in a database. Each top-level contains data specific to it other than shared data items such as task descriptions, failure cause descriptions and so on. The typical CMMS program implementation uses one (1) top-level. An example could be:


CMMS software Training Equipment Hierarchy

Equipment Hierarchy

2.) What is the different between equipment descriptors and equipment items?

Equipment descriptors are NOT the actual physical equipment items. Equipment descriptors are used to help the user quickly, accurately and consistently create the actual equipment items. The equipment items are the actual physical equipment that all work, parts, etc. reference in the CMMS database. Equipment items are at the bottom of the equipment hierarchy and all data in the program points back to the equipment item. This makes perfect sense because a CMMS is an equipment maintenance program.

Equipment descriptors are text items that are used to build the equipment item names. Here is an example

Equipment Group: Boilers

  1. Equipment Descriptor: Cleaver Brookes 100 HP Boiler
    1. Equipment Item: Cleaver Brookes 100 HP Boiler #1
    2. Equipment Item: Cleaver Brookes 100 HP Boiler #2
  2. Equipment Descriptor: Columbia Boiler 200 HP
    1. Equipment Item: Columbia Boiler 200 HP Boiler #1
    2. Equipment Item: Columbia Boiler 200 HP Boiler #2

See this CMMS training document on equipment configuration or better yet contact us for a personalized demonstration of how your equipment could be set-up in MaintSmart.

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