Automatic Work Orders

Use CMMS software automatic work orders capabilities to issue tasks. This can be easily accomplished by two (2) different methods:

  1. Print/email work order scheduler.
  2. Metered work orders from a work order template.

Print/Email Work Order Scheduler

This module uses work order templates (boiler-plate copies of work orders) to generate identical work orders. The triggering mechanism is a schedule that is defined by the user. There are several scheduling options. Below is an example list of some of the options:

  1. Every Monday at 7:00 AM.
  2. Every second Friday of the month at 3:45 PM.
  3. Every 14 days.
  4. On the 15th of every month.

Multiple schedule instances may be used for the same work order template causing any of these events to trigger the new work order from the work order template. With the print/email scheduler scanner running work orders are created and added to the work order screen automatically. These work orders may also be automatically printed and/or emailed to one or more recipients. The email format is configurable too. Formats include MS Word, MS Excel, Acrobat, Rich Text, Crystal Reports, XML, Flat text and more. All of this is handled by the CMMS automatically without any user input or effort.

Automatic Work Orders from Meters

Meters are a measurement of a user defined unit of anything. Below are some examples of what a meter unit could be:

  • Miles.
  • Minutes.
  • Cycles.
  • Revolutions.
  • Cuts.

An example of a meter linked to a work order template might be:

Every 6 months or 6000 miles change the oil in the #2 Toyota Truck. The user inputs the miles. The months are calculated automatically by the CMMS. Whichever unit (months or miles) reaches threshold first this unit triggers the new work order.

Another example of automatic work orders :

Every 2000 cycles of a cut-off saw create a new work order to replace the blade. Send this work order as .pdf document to a maintenance technician by email. This could be accomplished by establishing an OPC compliant data link to a MaintSmart instance. The CMMS reads the data from either a PLC, HMI or any other OPC compliant data source on the plant floor and automatically issues a work order at the correct time. No other CMMS does this.

Contact us for a free personalized demonstration of how this works and how it will save your company money and time while adding consistency to your maintenance operation with automatic work orders

Automated Work Order

Work orders created by either the scheduler or by meters have all of the same characteristics of any other work order such as:

  • Parts lists.
  • Unlimited text details, SOPS and instructions.
  • Unlimited file attachments of any type file.
Work Order
Preventative Maintenance List

Preventive Maintenance Task List

The scheduler may also be used for generating preventive maintenance task lists automatically.

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