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Equipment Maintenance Software with Dedicated PM Software Module

A special PM software module included in this equipment maintenance software package offers an additional way to manage simple calendar-based preventive maintenance.

An equipment maintenance software work order module is normally where preventive maintenance work is managed. This equipment maintenance software provides a work order module for this purpose and a preventive maintenance module as well. The preventative maintenance software module is dedicated to helping the maintenance manager manage calendar-based preventive maintenance tasks. Using this dedicated PM software module (found only in MaintSmart) the maintenance manager or the technician can quickly and accurately close many PM tasks.

The PM software module may either augment or replace the need to perform PMs as full work orders. Below are listed some benefits of managing preventive maintenance in the exclusive calendar-based PM software module.

  1. Create PMs once.
  2. PMs may be issued manually (with filters) or automatically by the scheduler.
  3. PMs regenerate automatically when closed.
  4. Better accountability for specific equipment and task completions.
  5. Faster closing. Close many PMs at once using average completion time and other shortcuts.
  6. Include unlimited text details with each task.
  7. Include unlimited parts list with each task.
  8. Enforce rules for technician closing their own PM completions.
  9. Reliability analysis module links to PM software module to suggest preventive maintenance task intervals by using MTBF.

Here are some of the benefits of using work orders to manage preventive maintenance instead of the dedicated calendar-based PM module:

  1. By using work order templates the PM task may be created once and then triggered by schedules or meters.
  2. Work order template generated preventive maintenance task lists may also contain unlimited file attachments.
  3. There are more fields with work order templates that may provide additional needed detail to the PM task.
  4. Unlimited parts lists may be linked.
  5. Unlimited detailed instructions may be linked.
  6. PMs from the dedicated calendar-based PM software module may be embedded in and linked to a work order. This gives the maintenance manager the benefits of both work order and PM modules.

Work Order Software vs. PM Software

Life Cycle of a Calendar-Based PM Task List

Referring to the dedicated calendar-based PM software module the life cycle is as follows:

  1. Configure PM task list for the first (and only time).
  2. Issue PMs to technicians by print, email or electronically.
  3. Technician performs work and closes PM.
  4. PM task (closed) is archived into PM history providing the following information about the PM: when closed, late or not, who closed, labor hours, parts lists.
  5. After closing the PM is recycled (regenerated) into a new PM by setting the new Start Date = Completion Date and creating a new Due Date = Start date + Interval (in days).
  6. PM task list is now ready for next PM cycle.

Life Cycle of a Work Order Template PM

A work order template starts with an existing work order. Once the work order template has been created it may be linked to a schedule or a meter. When the schedule or the meter expires a new work order is triggered from the work order template. The created work order is a new record unlike the calendar-based PM that is an existing record with an updated Start Date and Due Date.

Equipment Maintenance Software Work Order Template

Work Order Template Menu

Work Order Templates or Calendar-Based PMs?

Both work order templates and the calendar-based PM software module have useful qualities. Most user end up using both of these components. We basic day to day or other day-interval type preventive maintenance work is needed the PM module is ideal. Other more involved work (such as when file attachments are needed to describe the job) may require a work order template type of PM assignment.


Fortunately with this equipment maintenance software package both of these modules come complete with the basic program. To fully understand these alternative ways of managing PM task lists it is useful to schedule an online demonstration of the program . Contact us for a personalized free, no obligation demonstration.

PM Software Module

Calendar-based PM task lists come in multiple formats. Each PM task may have unlimited detailed instructions and parts lists. These preventive maintenance task assignments are created one time and thereafter regenerate after they are closed.

Compact PM List Format

Detailed PM List Format

PM Software Detailed Report
Work Order

Work Order Template

Work order templates are used to generate new work orders that are identical to the template. These are needed when a more detailed format is required for preventive maintenance task lists and management of PMs. Also needed is triggering preventive maintenance by meters.

PM Software Configuration

Configuration of preventive maintenance task lists requires that at least some Task Groups and Tasks are created first since tasks are one of the building blocks for PM lists. Some personnel and equipment must also be created. A PM (referring to calendar-based PM software module) is composed of the following:

  1. Equipment item.
  2. Task.
  3. Technician (person task is assigned to).
  4. Interval (in days).
  5. Start Date.
  6. Sequence (optional)

In the case where there are equipment has similar or identical PM tasks lists the task list from one equipment may be copied onto the other equipment. This provides great consistency and brings your company up to speed very quickly with their PM task lists. In general it is possible to create PM tasks lists for an equipment maintenance operation with 200 equipment items in approximately 20 hours.