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CMMS software system has been around for over 25 years now. Most companies or organizations that maintain equipment definitely benefit from the use of a CMMS. So how does our CMMS system benefit your maintenance operation? Here is a listing of benefits:

  1. Less unexpected down time (equipment failures)
  2. Increased productivity.
  3. Increased equipment life.
  4. Better management of human resources.
  5. Better management of inventory spares.
  6. Increased accountability to management.
  7. Increased accountability to governing agencies or compliance agencies.
  8. Easy access to historical data.
  9. Reporting is simplified.
  10. Many previously manual tasks now automatic through the CMMS system.

Below is a discussion of how one (down time tracking) of these benefits are realized with MaintSmart CMMS system.

Down Time and Equipment Failure Tracking Software

Down time and equipment failures cause lost time, lost product and expensive maintenance labor diversion from normal activities. Without a comprehensive down time management system in place (CMMS system) down time can spiral out of control. The reason for this is that while maintenance technicians are making emergency repairs to failed equipment they aren't performing a much more important task: preventive maintenance. This CMMS has several tools to help the maintenance manager manage equipment failures. Here is a list of the down time management tools:

  1. Exclusive dedicated down time tracking module. This comes with the complete base CMMS software system. No other CMMS offer this.
  2. Powerful and simple to use drag and drop query-builder that also creates a corresponding chart from equipment failure data.
  3. Direct export to Excel for further analysis.
  4. Military standard reliability analysis. No other CMMS has this capability.
  5. OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) built into base module of the CMMS software system. No other CMMS vendor has this.
  6. In the case where an equipment failure does occur the program will create a repair work semi-automatically.

Overall equipment effectiveness or OEE is a particularly useful analysis and reporting tool when it comes to equipment failure tracking. While the roll-up value of OEE is useful what is really nice is the fact that the three components of OEE are also available for analysis. These are listed below:

  • Availability
  • Performance
  • Quality


Availability is the actual run time of an equipment item versus the scheduled run time. Obviously down time affect this KPI.


Quality is the KPI that quantifies good pieces versus all pieces of product produced


Performance is the KPI that tracks the actual output of the equipment versus the specification output provided by the equipment manufacturer. In other words is the equipment running efficiently and at it's design speed?


Multiplying the three KPIs by each other yields the OEE. OEE for most manufacturers runs in the 40% - 50% range. Optimally it should run in the 80% range. Does your current CMMS software system provide this KPI? If not you should consider MaintSmart the only CMMS with OEE built into the base CMMS.

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