Maintenance PM and Equipment Downtime Updates

MaintSmart includes useful new maintenance PM updates. Additional enhancements to downtime and spares usage screens also help speed up data entry and provide improved reporting of CMMS efforts.

Features, additions and bug fixes in our CMMS maintenance release version include:

  • Big navigation icons.
  • Improved equipment configuration filtering.
  • Ability to lock commonly used fields between updates.
  • Time completed field added to downtime.
  • Choose the unit minutes, hours or days when logging equipment downtime.
  • View detailed procedures on the PM update screen.
  • Improved multi-facility (multi-plant) capability.
big navigation icons

The video below describes some of the updates in MaintSmart This update is free to supported MaintSmart users. Other updates and bug fixes over the past year have included:

  1. Improved translation capability.
  2. Fixes in Purchasing, Spares Usage, Downtime and Work Order screen.
  3. Better multi-facility support.
  4. Fixes to automatic print/email scheduler.
  5. Bugs fixed in Hot Sheet (CMMS dashboard).
  6. Support for Last Cost in inventory and purchasing.
  7. Annual Equipment Maintenance Cost / Replacement Asset Value reporting
  8. MTTR (Mean Time to Repair) reporting

Downtime Improvements

The ability to view and enter downtime in any time unit (minutes, hours or days) improves the usefulness of the maintenance PM software and makes entering downtime more intuitive.

Additionally, rather than calculating the time down value simply choosing the correct downtime date/time completed automatically calculates the time down for you. This eliminates the possibility of a calculation error.

Downtime Screen Updates
PM Detailed Procedures Display

Maintenance PM Screen Updates

The ability to manage and close PMs without a printed list is much easier now that we have added the detailed procedures associated with each PM to the maintenance PM update screen. Optionally display the text for any length procedure in a pop-up dialog screen that stays on top for easy viewing. This screen is writable too so each procedure step is easily checked off by the maintenance mechanic and the job progresses.

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MaintSmart Benefits

  • Complete CMMS solution with no extra modules to buy later.
  • Unlimited named users with any license count.
  • Custom report builder.
  • Completely translatable into any language.
  • Enterprise, cloud, web, mobile platforms.
  • Work orders, PMs, downtime, purchasing, inventory management.
  • In business 23 years used in 42 countries.

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