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Careful CMMS Software comparison is especially important due to the fact that 50-100 CMMS software companies go out of business annually and 50-100 replace these failed businesses. MaintSmart is a solid company in business for nearly 18 years.

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This preventive maintenance software comparison list should be used to compare to our cmmms software competitors. CMMS software comparison data is especially useful given the number of CMMS companies that come and go every year (typically 50-100 go out of business and 50-100 replace these failed companies).

To compare CMMS software you should consider factors in this order:

  1. General features and functions. (Extensive with MaintSmart but simple to learn and benefit from)
  2. Reward of data entry through reporting and analysis. (MaintSmart provides reporting of all data entered)
  3. Ease of day to day data entry. (MaintSmart uses consistent screens)
  4. Support with a real person that knows the software. (Support technician has maintenance and software experience)
  5. Age of CMMS software company. (In business since 1996)
  6. Speed of application and database access. (Normalized database)
  7. All modules included up front. (MaintSmart provides all modules).
  8. Ongoing costs (subscription fees, required support. (MaintSmart has neither)
  9. Availability of training and expertise of trainers. (Online training, on site or off site. National and international)
  10. Program and database platform. (.NET and SQL Server)

Here are a few CMMS Software comparison items that separate MaintSmart from the competition:

  • Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) - OLAP can be used to create a three-dimensional data view using drag and drop. As you create this data view a corresponding chart is also created. This entire CMMS data set may then be exported to a report in Adobe Acrobat or other format. Every screen in this CMMS application has the ability to export it's data to an OLAP component for further analysis. These OLAP screen may also be saves as Excel sheets.
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness- Also called OEE is used to provide four KPIs regarding equipment Availability, Quality of product and Performance. These three KPIs are then multiplied by each other to obtain overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). With this CMMS software you are rewarded for entering down time and expected run time data.
  • Reliability Analysis - MaintSmart is the only cmms software that uses military standard reliability analysis to guide you towards critically important corrective actions. Reliability analysis generates Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) results and use this data to help you adjust preventive maintenance task intervals and circumvent failures. Increasing or Decreasing Failure Rate data informs you of the success of your maintenance management efforts.
  • Translate to Any Language - This CMMS package may be translated into: Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, German, French, actually any language. The default language is English.
  • Equipment and Inventory Tree View Display - Equipment maintenance is simplified with the graphical display of all plant equipment. Create work orders automatically from the equipment tree (call to find out how). Create purchase requisitions by drag/drop from Inventory tree view.
  • Reporting - MaintSmart reports as follows: Crystal Reports, Excel, Data Grid Print, OLAP and HTML (web page). Data may be saved in the following formats: Adobe Acrobat, Excel, MS Word, Rich Text, HTML, Text, XML and more.
  • Print and Email Scheduler - Schedule virtually and report to print or email automatically with a date sensitive and filter ed data set of you choosing. CMMS report schedule options include: Every Weekday/Time, Every Calendar Day/Time, Every X Amount Days/Time, Every 3rd (example)Weekday/Time. Multiple schedule instances may be included under one schedule name to create a flexible set of schedules. Set this up once then let it do this part of your job freeing you up for more important business.
  • Gantt Scheduler - Similar to MS Project. This component is used to schedule maintenance personnel for work orders and preventive maintenance.
  • Compare to ERP - Powerful and flexible requisition and purchasing system. MaintSmart has replaced systems costing many times what the CMMS costs.
  • Time in Business - MaintSmart Software, Inc. has been in business since 1996 and continues modest growth annually ever since.
  • Comprehensive CMMS Software - Program is over half a million lines of code. Most development since 2006 has been by user request.
  • Customer Base - North America comprises 72% of our CMMS software users (U.S.A. and Canada). MaintSmart is also used in at least 35 other countries including large customer base in the Middle East (Arabic language). Users are 65% manufacturing/food-processing but also include hospitals, schools, military, power generation (gas, thermal and petroleum), waste recycling, hospitality, technology, mining, cold storage, churches and government facilities.

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