One of the features of MaintSmart is that it seems to be the perfect CMMS software because it tracks what a first line supervisor needs to know. -- West Point Military Academy

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MaintSmart Web Work Request Module (add, edit, delete and print) Provides Work Order and/or Work Request Portal to All Users

Work orders are the heart of any CMMS system. With MaintSmart work orders may be created by eight different methods. Several of these methods are automatic or semi-automatic. Linking work order templates (boiler-plate copies of existing work orders) metered work orders are created automatically. By linking meters to work orders MaintSmart creates work orders when the equipment actually needs the work. Alternatively you may link work orders to automatically create themselves based upon a schedule. Like metered work orders scheduled work orders continue to create themselves without additional user input. Imagine work orders still being issued in a timely and consistent manner even in if you are on vacation.

An optional web enabled work request module .is available for equipment maintenance operations where you do not need the full software package on every terminal. Work order analysis provides work order cost, labor, parts and overall effectiveness of your maintenance program.

Preventive Maintenance Software


With MaintSmart you may use the powerful maintenance management system to manage all preventive maintenance. Additionally a separate preventive maintenance software system that handle simple calendar-based PMs is available too. This simple to use yet powerful preventative maintenance system may automatically schedule PMs using multiple filters then print and/or email the schedule of preventive maintenance tasks to one or more recipients or printers. This system is set up once and then uses a floating date range to issue the correct PM task list without any effort by the maintenance manager. PMs may be closed by the maintenance technician and permissions and passwords ensure that the maintenance technician only access his own PM task list.

The equipment tree view provides a way to drag and drop preventive maintenance tasks onto machinery. Preventive maintenance labor and spares costs may be quickly and accurately reported on.

Inventory and Purchasing

cmms used for purchasing

MaintSmart offers an sophisticated but simple to use maintenance spares inventory requisition and purchasing system. Using passwords and permissions the maintenance manager can set up a system that ranges from one person doing all the purchasing directly to a more secure system where all roles from requisition, to approval, to purchase order, to receiving and finally parts usage are all separate roles held by separate users. Parts may be linked to preventive maintenance task lists or work orders and automatically used when the PM or work order is created or closed. Inventory audit and optimization are also included in the software. Barcode your spares for reliable and quick check out from the parts bin.

Inventory and purchasing analysis components provide extensive analysis data with reports and charts. Spare parts may also be displayed in a tree view. This tree view provides a simple way for the user to drag and drop parts to create a purchase requisition.

Search spare parts from multiple locations using the MaintSmart Enterprise system or the web-enabled work order module.

Product Comparison

oee (over all equipment effectiveness) for cmms

MaintSmart (computerized maintenance management system) software analyzes, charts and reports on down time (equipment failure analysis), work orders, preventive maintenance, inventory and purchasing. OLAP (online analytical processing) or data cubes may be created form any applicable screen in the program using drag and drop. All data may be exported to Excel with two button-clicks. MaintSmart 4.1 utilizes powerful OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). This computerized maintenance management system software is successfully used in food processing, manufacturing, schools, hospitals, power plants and more. MaintSmart tracks and provides powerful analysis , reporting and charting of equipment failures. MaintSmart tracks down time opportunity cost or costs incurred by equipment failure but expensed against a non-maintenance cost center.

Equipment Failure (Down Time) Tracking, PM and Work Orders

  • Submit equipment breakdowns through the MaintSmart desk-top software or through the web-enabled CMMS module.
  • Print and email scheduler for preventive maintenance, work orders and any analysis report. Created automatically based on a schedule you create.
  • The only maintenance management system that is translatable into any language.
  • Hot sheet lists all important items: work orders, PMs, equipment breakdowns and spares to be requisitioned. The Hot Sheet is customized to each user as needed.
  • Unique three-dimensional equipment hierarchy is simple to use and very powerful for filtering and reporting.
  • Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Uses availability, quality and performance. These three KPI are rolled into one value and charted.
  • Reliability analysis. MaintSmart is the only maintenance system that integrates AMSAA military standard reliability analysis into the software. This analysis tool will guide you to optimized preventive maintenance task lists using MTBF (mean time between failure) and increasing or decreasing failure rate.
  • Gantt scheduler similar to Microsoft Project has been incorporated into MaintSmart 4.1 for scheduling PMs and work orders.
  • Percentage of PM task completion reporting by any filter you require. Powerful reporting and charting of preventive maintenance completion rate.
  • All maintenance management data sets for any screen may be saved as Excel, HTML (web page) and imported into the OLAP screen to create a three-dimensional data set and chart with a couple of button clicks. Create any query you want from the data you have entered into the system.
  • Equipment and inventory tree view provide graphical and functional view of equipment and spares.
  • Automatic parts usage linking to PMs and work order templates.
  • Cost of equipment reporting provides charts and data of the overall cost of equipment for all components: down time, parts used, work orders and preventive maintenance.
  • Work order approval. New in MaintSmart 4.1 optionally required approval of closed work orders. Create your own custom approval requirements and approvers.
  • Link file attachments for equipment, work orders, inventory, purchase requisitions and equipment maintenance technicians.

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