CMMS Bar Code Scanner Set Up Instructions

A FAQ we commonly receive is: What is involved with CMMS bar code scanner configuration? Any Code 39 capable USB connected (or I would think wireless) works fine. Code 39 is a very common font and most scanners use this font. Typically, a scanner costs under $100. Try doing a web search with the phrase: "Wired Handheld USB Automatic Laser Barcode Scanner Reader". Alternatively, go to an office supply store to purchase a scanner. Basically, during CMMS bar code scanner configuration all you are doing is setting the scanner to enter keystrokes for you. It is really no more complicated than that.

Configuring the Bar Code Scanner

For proper CMMS bar code scanner configuration the scanner needs to know when to start and stop reading characters (bar code). Additionally the scanner must recognize a valid MaintSmart bar code. This is accomplished by configuring the scanner with initialization (start) and termination (end) characters. For the purposes of MaintSmart this character is an exclamation point (!). When you purchase a scanner it will normally come with instructions. The instructions for configuring the scanner are different for each manufacturer and model so we cannot help you with this. That being said, simply following the instructions provided with your new scanner. Usually the configuration process amounts to scanning various bar codes in the instruction booklet provided based upon your requirements. In this case you needs are Use “Code39” for the font and ! for initialization and termination characters.

Testing the Scanner

Once you have successfully configured the new scanner you must test it. The best way to test the scanner is to start up a word processor program (such as Note Pad, MS Word, etc.) then print out a sheet of bar codes from MaintSmart’s inventory, equipment, personnel or work order screen. Place your cursor in the word processor blank screen then scan the bar code. The test should appear in the word processor as follows: ![scanned value]!
If scanning (for example) work order 11 the the internal work order identifier must be enclosed with exclamation points. In the example below the scanner reads: !W1831! in the word processor. Once you have the value scanned enclosed by leading and following exclamation points (!) your scanner is ready to use.
Work Order with Code 39 Barcode

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