Newly added data items that are added to the MaintSmart CMMS database do not automatically display on associated screens by default. If you are working on the preventive maintenance screen (yellow background oilcan) and have it open for configuration of new PM tasks these new tasks do not automatically display on the main preventive maintenance screen (gray background oilcan) used for closing out preventive maintenance. First of all, there is no reason that you need to reload the entire screen or worse yet, close and re-open the program to refresh the current data view.

The reason for this is that this would potentially interrupt edits that are in progress on the PM closing screen (gray background oilcan). Additionally, if other users on your network are also working on these same screens this would cause interruption to their work also as the data grid reloaded with new data every time a user made a change to the data. Imagine the confusion this would cause if a user is performing an update and all of a sudden the preventive maintenance screen changes to a different view of data?

To remedy this we have placed a Refresh menu item in the context (pop-up) menu for all appropriate data grids in MaintSmart. This menu is accessed by right-clicking on the data grid. When the context menu appears left-click on the menu item labeled: Refresh. This action reloads all new or modified data into the data grid and gives you a current snapshot of what is actually saved into the database. This purpose of this is to give you control of when the data reloads.

NOTE: this applies to all main screens that have a data grid.

How to Refresh the Preventive Maintenance Screen

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