It is recommended that you request a personal demonstration of the software before testing.  If you would prefer to test without any introduction the needed links and videos are below:

Benefits You Receive

This post describes how to download and install the trial version of MaintSmart CMMS Software. This is a 30 day trial. During the trial period you receive the following benefits:

  1. The full MaintSmart Enterprise solution with sample data or a blank database for your own organization's data.
  2. Unlimited phone (1.541.751.0450), chat and email support.
  3. Unlimited webinar support.
  4. Unlimited training videos.
  5. Free consultation on setting up your organization.
  6. The trial version of MaintSmart is in fact the full version with a 30 day trail limitation and a record count limit for certain data items.

Please follow the list below or call, chat email for personalized instruction.

Pre-installation checklist

  1. Contact your IT manager to perform the installation. Alternatively if you have Administrator rights on your computer then perform the installation yourself.
  2. Download the CMMS trial version: MaintSmart CMMS software to a known location.
Work Order After Procedures are Added
How to Create a List-Based PM Work Order
Charts PM completion rate by technician

Start the Software and Log In (instructional videos)

  1. This short video shows you how to login and create, edit and print a work order.
  2. Now that you know how to login try a few other functions of the work order screen (video).
  3. Learn the difference between "work orders" and "calendar-based simple preventive maintenance" checklists.
  4. Printing and filtering the preventive maintenance data.
  5. Call for downtime, reliability analysis, and failure analysis reporting.
  6. Contact us for free instruction on inventory and purchasing management.

Advanced CMMS Testing

  1. Build a preventive maintenance task list that recycles PMs when you close them.
  2. Our technicians are trained in maintenance management and software engineering. Contact us for a personal demonstration of the software!

Please see other FAQs that answer questions such as How to Log In the First Time, How to Create a Simple Work Order and many more.

Best of all, phone, chat, email and webinar support is completely free and accessible to demo software users.

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