delete a cmms record
How to Delete a CMMS Record

To delete a CMMS record select the record from the data grid by left-mouse-clicking the row in the grid that contains the record. Next, click the Delete button. There may be additional prompts that need a response. In some case there may be linked records to the record you are attempting to delete. This may either prompt you to manually delete the other linked records or it may warn you that multiple records are being deleted if you choose to continue.

Lastly, in some case where low-level data in being deleted (data such as Process, Line, Equipment, Personnel, etc.) the software may require that you have Cascade Delete permissions turned on. Typically this is only available to Administrators. Cascade deletes cause all data linked to the deleted record to also be immediately and permanently deleted. This is default database behavior and is how a well designed database should respond. The reason for this is that there cannot be orphaned data left in the database. Orphaned data is data that is not linked to anything else and is essentially useless data.

The video below explains how to delete low-level data and options that avoid deleting this data that still remove the data from the active screens and from selection drop-down boxes. Finally, consideration to deleting low-level global data items such as Task, Cause, Part Groups, Equipment Groups, etc. must be made when using the software in a multi-site CMMS implementation.

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