CMMS User License Defined for MaintSmart Enterprise

The CMMS user license (concurrent user) counts how many people are actually using the software at any given moment in time. For example, an five (5) user license would provide for five (5) active sessions of the software running at the same time. In this example,  the software could be installed on 10 computers (we provide hardware licenses for double the active user count). Alternatively, the software could be installed on an application server with five active users.

What are "Named Users"?

There is no limit on "named users". Named users are available logins. This means that everyone in your organization has access to the software at some level determined by the access roles you decide to give them. They are only counted as a license if logged into the CMMS software at that given moment in time. Essentially, you may have up to 5 people using the software at the same time from any of 10 computers in the example of a five (5) user license. Due to program and database optimization MaintSmart easily manages hundreds or even thousands of users actively using the software at the same time.

Note: Please see other FAQs under the Licensing heading for information on licensing MaintSmart Cloud, MaintSmart Web and MaintSmart Mobile.

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