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Adding a maintenance technician is a common task for the maintenance planner or maintenance manager. The term maintenance technician is synonymous with:

  1. Maintenance mechanic
  2. Millright
  3. Maintenance man
  4. Mechanic
  5. Engineer
  6. Maintenance engineer

When adding a new technician to the CMMS database you need to consider the following.

  1. The technician will be the one work is issued to in the CMMS and represents a actual person by name (generally first/last name but other identifiers are also fine.
  2. The technician may optionally be linked to a login ID. If linked to a login ID then the maintenance manager can optionally set this login (user) to only see his/her own work orders and/or preventive maintenance tasks list. Alternatively, you may set the tech to see all work regardless of who it is assigned to.
  3. There is only one field required to create a maintenance technician. However, there is a lot of optional information including unlimited file attachments that may be linked to the tech.
  4. With only one required field (technician name) the CMMS is fast to configure for basic use with options for later embellishment .
  5. Each technician is created with a skills record. Skills are created and assigned by the maintenance manager.
Adding a Maintenance Technician

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