OLAP (online analytical processing) 
Wednesday, October 26, 2011, 02:17 PM - Announcements
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OLAP is a tremendously powerful component that provides analytical processing features similar to those found in Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts. Drag-and-drop views give you real-time information, insights, and results in seconds. Drag up to five column fields, five row fields and five value fields to generate a user-defined two or three dimensional data set of virtually any data in the MaintSmart database.

MaintSmart leverage the data queries you create in the MaintSmart Analysis screens by linking to these user defined data sets with the OLAP component. Additionally OLAP is available on most other screens including work order, down time, purchasing, inventory and preventive maintenance screens. Data from any of these screens may be arranged as needed by drag and drop in the OLAP screen. This data may then be totaled by row and column using one of several statistical functions. This data set is then charted automatically.

Clicking on a grid cell in the OLAP data grid causes the underlying data for that cell to be displayed in a separate grid. The OLAP data grid may be exported directly to Excel (just like all grids in MaintSmart) for further analysis.

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MaintSmart 4.0 System Requirements 
Sunday, May 22, 2011, 04:38 PM - Technology
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Typical Resource Consumption

Hard drive space requirements Depend upon previously installed components but
range from 292-675 MB.

CPU usage
4%-7% at idle
20%-37% loading a screen
53%-55% loading first report (Crystal Reports)
64% loading “Hot Sheet”

Memory usage
34188K open to home screen
50000K open one screen
73000K open 2 screens
98000K opening report components
110000K + multiple screens

Client Workstation Requirements
Operating System Windows: XP, 2003, 2008, Vista, Win 7 (32bit/64 bit) on a stand-alone
computer. MaintSmart Software has not been certified or tested to run in a
Terminal Server or Citrix environment however we have several users successfully running MaintSmart in these environments.
RAM Memory Minimum 2 GB RAM memory. 4+ GB of RAM or greater is recommended.
Processor Minimum 1.5 GHz processor , 2+GHz. or better is recommended. Single or dual
Disk Space Minimum 475-610 MB of free disk space for standalone. Minimum 475 MB of
free disk space for client workstation and 500 MB (version 4.0) for server when
using on a network.
Display Minimum 15 inch monitor using 800x600 resolution. Program windows resize
automatically for various resolutions and monitor sizes above the minimums.
1024x768 resolution is recommended.
Drive CD-ROM drive for installation.
Mouse A minimum two-button mouse is required.

Server Requirements (MS SQL Server)
Please visit the Microsoft web site for SQL Server requirements:
http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms143506.aspx For Microsoft system requirements for SQL Server 2000-2008 Microsoft Corporation Support should be consulted
with. A general summery is presented here (however the below requirements are not representative of all system
requirements and all versions of SQL Server

Operating System Windows : XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, Win 7 (32 bit/64 bit)
RAM Memory Minimum 2GB RAM memory. 4 GB of RAM or greater is recommended.
Processor Minimum 1 GHz MHz Intel Pentium , 1.4GHz. or better is recommended. Single
or dual processors.
Disk Space Minimum 270-500 MB of free disk space for standalone. Minimum 125 MB of
free disk space for client workstation and 100 MB (version 4.0) for server when
using on a network. Optimally fast.
Display Minimum 15 inch monitor using 800x600 resolution. Program windows resize
automatically for various resolutions and monitor sizes above the minimums.
1024x768 resolution is recommended.
Drive CD-ROM drive for installation.
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MaintSmart 4.0 Release Notes 
Sunday, May 22, 2011, 03:56 PM
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MaintSmart4.0 Release Notes

MaintSmart Software, Inc.

MaintSmart 4.0 was a complete rewrite of the nearly one half million lines of code contained in the program. By rewriting the program in the Microsoft .NET programming language we are now able to leverage many new high technology components. Over the next 1-2 years several powerful new upgrades will emerge as a result of this major undertaking. As always all development of MaintSmart is handled in house in our Oregon and California development centers.

Below is a list of some of the new features in MaintSmart:

General Additions and Enhancements
1. Conversion of MaintSmart to .NET 2.0 application programming language from Visual Basic 6. NOTE MaintSmart is still a Windows application not a web-based product although we do offer a web-based work request component.
2. Exporting of all reports to the following formats: Adobe Acrobat, Rich Text, HTML 4, Excel, Comma Separated, Text, MS Word, XML.
3. Export all reports to the following destinations: file, email or printer.
4. Ability to simply embed the report text into an email without using an attachment.
5. Enhanced search capability for selected data grids (several were added to existing count). This enhanced grid search provide to the standard quick single text item search or for an enhanced two word or phrase search that uses a OR or AND operator.
6. Engineer may be linked to user login. By doing this the screen may be set (not all at this point) to display only items referenced to that engineer (for example this engineer only see work orders assigned to him).
7. Grid colors and settings (including font and font size) may be set by each user.
8. Alternate row coloring makes it easier to focus on one line in data grid.
9. Required field color may be set (previously was fixed at yellow)
10. New HTML help system
11. Fully compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7 and Vista. Supports SQL Server 2000, 2005 and 2008 (32 or 64 bit).
12. Speed optimization options may be applied to entire program from one menu item.
13. Details button is highlighted on record selection if record contains linked “Details”.

1. May impersonate user settings and copy these settings to one or more additional users.
2. Several more permissions added to permission database
3. Allow Requestors to edit work order priority.
4. Email configuration provides a way for administrator to set up email capability using Microsoft mailing functions.
5. Speed optimization screen lets you choose to dramatically increase the speed of screen loading and other functions.

Print/Email Scheduler and Printing
1. Ability to set up automatic email jobs and/or print jobs. Items are saved as a document of user choice then added as a file attachment to the email then automatically sent based upon a user-defined schedule.
2. Ability to embed into email the contents (text only) of any print scheduled report (PM lists, work orders, etc.)
3. Added CC List, BCC List, delivery notification and email priority fields to automatic report emailing capability.
4. New printing component provides a print preview for any data grid. Pages may be formatted and flowed to user preferences.
5. Print preview has capability to save data grid in these formats: HTML, Adobe Acrobat, Rich Text, Excel, .jpg, .tiff and many more.
6. New print/email scheduler schedule interval “Every () Days”. This provides a way to trigger a print/email job based upon day count interval.

1. Equipment tree view may be sorted by equipment sequence.
2. Loading speed enhanced.
3. Equipment tree view screen may be easily proportioned between tree view and data grid by dragging separator bar.
4. Equipment list and Equipment Details data grid made searchable.
5. Equipment tree view has very flexible sorting options added including sort by equipment sequence. This provides a way to display the equipment in the actual physical order.
6. Flexible pane sizing added to equipment tree.

1. Added fields to inventory database: Reorder Level, Reorder Quantity, Lead Time, Active.
2. Added six (6) open user configurable text fields that can be up to 255 characters each. These fields may be names by the user as needed. The Active field give user a way to deactivate inventory no longer in use without deleting the inventory history.
3. Removed hard linking of part group numbering from part ID field.
4. Added a way to easily and directly link parts to physical equipment items. This is in addition to the part groups that are already in place but will not conflict with part groups. This gives the user the ability to create a complete or partial parts for any or all equipment.
5. Added parts list reporting.
6. Hot sheet displays (and flags) below stock items that have already been ordered. This differentiates item below stock that are on order vs. items that have yet to be ordered.

Preventive Maintenance/Work Orders
1. Convert a PM to an active work order with very little effort from the PM screen
2. Close a PM linked work order and MaintSmart closes all linked PMs automatically
3. User defined column sorting and width settings enhanced
4. Automatically scheduler PMs and or work orders when created.
5. Ability to edit closed PMs.

Hot sheet:
1. Added ability to generate requisitions based upon not only minimum stock but also new inventory field “Reorder Level”. Either of these triggers also has a threshold variable that can trigger either field either above or below the triggering field. For example reorder level may be 100 however you could set the variable to trigger at 99 by setting the variable to –1
2. Added capability for requisition reorder quantity to be determined by either (Minimum Stock – Quantity on Hand), (Maximum Stock – Quantity on Hand) or Reorder Quantity (reorder quantity is a new field added in MS4
3. Added Technician as a hot sheet node for preventive maintenance work due, late or coming due. This provides an easy way to see engineers and what is late or otherwise due and easily generate a PM list for this engineer.
4. Added capability to generate requisitions for all items that meet requisition criteria.
5. Previously ordered parts that are either on a requisition or a PO (not yet received) are indicated on hot sheet to avoid multiple ordering of same part.

1. Down time records attach the logged in user’s name to the record when it is created. This enhances accountability.
2. Down time “Type” field added.
3. “Details” button changes color to indicate if a record already has details attached to it.
4. Scheduler runs much faster and provides a way to automatically schedule work orders when created.

This is many, but not all of the enhancements and features added to MaintSmart 4.0. This year we expect extensive further development of MaintSmart as we take advantage of the new programming platform available to us.

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