Advantages of Using Preventive Maintenance Software  
Thursday, January 2, 2014, 05:26 AM - General
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Preventive maintenance software such as CMMS has been used globally for many years. Until now, only a few people have realized its potential and maximized on its benefits. Its simple interface is perfect for work orders, inventory management and preventive maintenance.

The CMMS software optimizes your preventive maintenance tasks by integrating analysis into your PM system. You will be able to receive numerous work order formats, automatic linking of inventory parts and many personnel on each work order. Moreover, you will be able to create work orders thanks to the OPC linking to meter readings.

With the aid of the CMMS equipment software, you can track equipment failure. The results of the surveillance will enable you to optimize the management of maintenance operation. This explains why various organizations in sectors such as military, manufacturing, hospitality and education rely on the CMMS software.

The software’s powerful OLAP component provides you with analytical features that you would find in Pivot tables and charts of Microsoft Excel. Features such as drag and drop views enable you to gain real time results, insights and information. You can generate user-defined data sets in the database.

CMMS software enables you to work with multiple screens including work order, purchasing, inventory, down time and preventive maintenance screens. The data that you receive from these screens can be tallied with the aid of many statistical functions similar to those found in spreadsheets. You could also manipulate the data set and grid to display it in a different grid. You can directly export the data grid to Excel if you need to carry out further analysis.

The preventive maintenance software does not consume many resources. It only requires roughly between 292-675 MB of hard disk space. The other applications require only small percentages of resources. Its memory usage is minimal for an application of such importance.

The CMMS software is compatible with various Windows operating systems including XP 2003, XP 2008, Vista, Win 7. The user interface is great regardless of whether you are using 32bit/64 bit running on a stand-alone computer. You can even use it in a Terminal Server or Citrix platform.

For the most satisfying experience, you should use it in a computer with a minimum RAM memory of 2 GB RAM memory, although a 4+ GB of RAM or greater would provide the best results. A +2GHz processor would be the best choice but a 1.5 GHz can still be appropriate. Whether you use a single or dual processor is immaterial, as you can work with the work order software comfortably.

When you are using the software, you will have the benefit of having your computer’s screen resolution adjust itself automatically. The software enables you to export your reports in such multiple formats as Adobe Acrobat, HTML 4, Rich Text, Excel, Text, MS Word, Comma Separated and XML. You can export them to various destinations including file, email or printer. You should get your own preventive maintenance software if you want to enjoy all these benefits.
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MaintSmart 4.1 
Friday, December 27, 2013, 02:43 PM - General
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MaintSmart 4.1 is set for release in January 2014. Some for the new features include:

1. Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). This tremendously powerful analytical tool provides a way for you to determine how effective your operation is running. Ultimately one value (%) of overall effectiveness is provided.

2. Many new reports providing powerful analysis. Includes several new reports for preventive maintenance (PM) completion rate by, Mechanic, Line, Process, Work Area, Plant.

3. Scheduler utilizing a MS Project interface for the purpose of scheduling mechanics for work orders and preventive maintenance (PM).

Many other enhancements to speed up you work flow process and many life simpler for you while maintaining an effective maintenance management program
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